15. Incident #7: Dinner With Andrea

In about April or May 2015, Andrea and I decided to go out for dinner one evening. I sent Kevin a message asking him if he would like to join us. Even Andrea said that she would be happy if Kevin joined us. Kevin responded with, “Am I invited?”. I said of course, we were inviting him. Then he said, “I guess she means it’s more like the both of you”. What!? We were inviting him! I don’t know why he had to twist it and say something like that. He sounded upset for some reason. When I told him that he was welcome to join, he said that he had no money and he had put his name on the list for dinner at school. I told him that if he didn’t feel like it, he should have just said so than find a provocative excuse.

When I got back from dinner, he was still upset with me. He said that I should’ve stayed in school for dinner because I had put my name on the list for dinner. This was a system where we had to indicate every week which days we would be eating at the school canteen so that Karl, the chef, knew if we were eating at school or not. Before I left for dinner with Andrea, Kevin said that he would tell Karl that I wasn’t eating at school. But when I got back, he was getting me into trouble over it. Kevin is not my boss and has never been anywhere near superior to me. The only reason I could think of as to why Kevin was angry with me was that he did not like me being close to people. He did not like me having a social life. Perhaps the possibility that I could mention something about his behaviour to other people made him anxious.

As I had mentioned in Chapter 4, he successfully made me distance myself from Andrea. Andrea did have a reputation of being a gossiper and I believe Kevin took advantage of this to tell me that she was saying things about the state of the relationship between Kevin and me so that I would distance myself from her, and subsequently isolate myself.

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