16. Hearing Men’s Voices In The Background

When I was in Spain (Chapter 21), while we were chatting on Skype, sometimes Kevin could hear my neighbours leaving their apartments. However, if Kevin heard men’s voices, he would freak out. He would think that I had men in the house.

Other times when I was outside and talking to him through my mobile phone, he would also freak out if he heard men’s voices in the background. One time, I was at the beach and a group of loud men came to sit nearby and he could hear them when I was on the phone with him. He started to freak out. He was questioning how far they were from me and whether they were talking to me. Then one of them blew a wolf whistle which was actually directed at another one of their guy friends as a joke. Kevin freaked out so much. He thought that they were blowing the whistle at me and he told me to move away from them. I did move, but not because I wanted to “obey” him, but because the guys were too noisy for me to hear anything over the phone.

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