22. Troubles With The Law

Kevin seemed to always have problems with the law. As I had said before, he had a lot of complications in his life which even I couldn’t understand. And I believe that he deliberately made his problems sound complicated so that no solution could be found and therefore he could continue living his sorry life garnering sympathy and attention. Every time we saw the police, he would panic. Could he have been in hiding?

Kevin’s residential status had always been a legal issue. At the time of writing this memoir in September of 2016, he had been living in Belgium for the last six years and apparently for the entire period, he was still registered as a resident of France for the plain and simple reason that he did not like Belgium and therefore he did not want to be registered as a Belgian resident. However, he never took any responsibilities for any of the problems that arose because of his illegal residential status. Instead, he blamed Belgium for his problems.

When he was supposed to come to Spain in March 2016, not only did he not come because Claude offered Kevin a part-time job instead of a full-time job, but also because Kevin apparently had to pay off his social security which he had not paid off years ago – about €2000, which does not make sense as he had said that he was never a Belgian resident. I never understood what was going on as he made it all so complicated. He mentioned his social security problems to the pedagogical director in of the school in Spain, Isabel, and during one of our Skype interviews, she even told Kevin that it was his responsibility to pay off his social security. However, he still managed to twist his situation around to deflect the blame and said that it was his Belgian employer’s fault.

He also told me to not pay my social security and taxes. At the beginning I did not because I couldn’t as I was still waiting for my resident’s card so that I could open up a bank account. It took me eight months to get my resident’s card. After I finally opened up my bank account, I continued listening to Kevin’s instructions to not pay my social security. I don’t know why I listened to him as I could see how deep he was in his financial shit so he should have been the last person I listen to for advice. And also, I have never avoided paying bills in my life. This was the first time I had done so. I believe it must have been the control I was under to have listened to him. He kept telling me that nobody was paying their social security and that it was too expensive so I should not pay it either, especially as it would all go towards nothing. Yes, the social security was very high but eventually I paid it all off after I left Belgium as I was still receiving bills and late fees. I wonder whether he deliberately did this to me as he wanted to get me into trouble and bring me down to his level. He probably also knew about the late fees and was hoping that I would incur them. He thrived off abusing my finances, even if it was not for his benefit. Kevin always opened my mail when I was in Spain even though I had clearly told him not to, yet he continued to do so. He never liked to be told what to do or not do. So when I received the bills after I had left Belgium the second time, I believe he was the one to open them and give them to the school. After that, the school sent me an email with my bills scanned. I could feel that Kevin had great pleasure handing over my bills to the school because he knew it meant that I would lose more money on top of what he had already stolen from me. I believe he wanted me to resist paying as he had influenced me to do so. However, I paid off everything and it’s done.

He could also never pay his bills on time, consequently incurring fines, which he always blamed others for. It was always his bank’s fault, his insurance company’s fault, Belgium’s fault. He never took any responsibility for anything. His bank had had enough of him and his insurance company did not want him anymore. But he never wondered why. He just blamed them.

He was always in debt throughout the time I had known him. As soon as he was above zero again, he would keep spending until he reached the point where his bank would block his card, which was a regular occurrence. He never kept track of the amount in his bank account. Often he would be as much as €800 below zero as he often paid by cheque which would bounce and he would subsequently incur fines. He borrowed from the bank, his student and me, and every now and then, he would borrow small amounts from various colleagues.

Even his bank did not want to deal with him anymore. He had his own personal banker whom he would constantly harass to deal with his money issues. (I don’t even know how he had his own personal banker!) One day, he sent the banker an email demanding the banker deal with his money issues. Kevin received quite a rude reply from the banker saying that he was now working in a different department and to never contact him again. I don’t know if this is true or if the banker was just sick and tired of dealing with Kevin.

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