23. Lying About Moving To Spain

Not only was Kevin constantly lying, but he made me lie too – about moving to Spain. His reason was that he did not want the school to speculate that he was going to follow me because he was worried that they would cut his hours. So I had to tell everyone that my plan was to go back to university in September of that year. In the meantime, I would be staying with my mother and be unemployed for the next nine months. (He was happy to use my goal of going back to university as part of the lie. But when it was about me really going back to university, he was angry and controlling about it. He really is so sick.)

I contested so many times to lying. I did not see anything wrong with the truth. And I did not see him losing his hours as his classes were fixed classes, meaning that they were regular every week. But every time I said that I was not going to lie, he would get angry at me. He did not know how to communicate any other way without getting angry. I lied not for him, but because I was afraid of him. Now I believe that he wanted me to lie because he had no intention of moving to Spain in the first place.

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