24. Incident #9: Speaking The Truth About Spain

One evening, I went to the canteen to make a snack for both Kevin and me. I met a colleague of mine, Kayden, while I was in the canteen and we started talking. Kayden had lived in Spain before and I really wanted to ask him what his experience of living in Spain as a foreigner was so I told him that Kevin and I were actually going to Spain and I asked him to not tell anyone to which he agreed. But I don’t think he realised that I also meant to not tell Kevin that I had told him either, which is understandable as normal couples do not hide or keep secrets from one another.

Kayden and I were talking for a while when I turned my head towards the glass door of the canteen. Beyond the glass door of the canteen was the window of Kevin’s room. What I saw gave me a really dark and sick feeling. A rush of nervousness came over me. I saw the silhouette of Kevin peer out with his hands against his window, watching me.

When I came back, I apologised for taking so long as I got caught up chatting with Kayden. He said that it was okay and that he was going to go to the canteen to get a drink. When he got back from the canteen, he suddenly blew up at me screaming,

“Why did you tell Kayden about Spain? I told you not to tell anyone. Or is there some secret relationship between you and Kayden? You must have some secret relationship if you feel that you can trust him with our secret.”

Looking back, I think the real reason he went to the canteen was not to get a drink, as he could have texted me to get one whilst I was in the canteen as he did that sometimes, but to find out what Kayden and I were talking about.

Now when I piece everything together, I don’t think it was ever his intention to move to Spain. I don’t know what his sick plan was, but he definitely wanted to screw me over. I don’t know why. I don’t know why anyone would do anything like this to anyone else. It is so sick. What pleasure does he get from this? Words cannot describe the sick feeling I get from this.

When I was in Spain, Kevin told me that everyone knew about me being in Spain. He implied that Kayden had told everyone. I felt guilty and bad that I had trusted Kayden to keep it secret but he didn’t. Kevin told me that Kayden had said that I never told him to keep it a secret. This could not be true as Kayden clearly showed that he was very aware of what I had said when I told him to keep it quiet. However, I now believe that Kayden probably did not spill the truth. I believe Kevin just told me this to “punish” me for not “obeying” him and keeping it a secret. Kevin wanted me to feel that I had no one I could confide in. Moreover, I had never heard anything from anyone but Kevin, which makes me believe that everything was fabricated by him. The hypocrisy is that Kevin had told Michelle about Spain and we also told another colleague of ours, Callum, as he was going to the airport at the same time as me. Kevin did not imply that possibly Callum or Michelle had revealed to everyone about Spain when it could have been highly possible. Kevin only implied that it was the only person that I had spoken to even though he openly told me that he did not trust Michelle as he said that she had a big mouth. I was also annoyed that he seemed to think that he could tell whoever he wanted whatever he wanted but that I was not allowed to tell anyone. And whenever I confronted him about this double standards, he would dismiss it as being ridiculous.

He did not want me to be close to anyone. He would say whatever he could to isolate me. He is a sick individual who gets off destroying other people’s lives.

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