25. Visiting Belgium Over Easter

After staying in Spain for five months, I moved back to Belgium. I did, however, go back to visit Belgium during the Easter holidays in March 2016. The initial plan was that I would come to Belgium during Easter and Kevin and I would drive back to Spain together. But since he decided not to come to Spain anymore, I ended up having to buy a return plane ticket last minute. And because it was last minute, it was also really expensive. But he did not care. He did not care that I had come to visit him, then I had to buy an expensive plane ticket back. I did not expect him to pay for the plane ticket. But I expected him to at least show that he cared about the unexpected situation I was in all because he had changed his mind. But he just did not care. Nor did he appreciate me coming to visit him. He continued “teaching” on Skype for two hours every evening (Chapter 47) rather than consider spending the evenings with me as I was only in Belgium for ten days. In fact, he would send me up to my old room in the evenings. When I had left Belgium in January 2016, I asked him to return my room keys to the reception as I couldn’t do it myself for I had left early in the morning. He never returned my keys. I don’t know why he didn’t but it came very convenient for him when I was visiting Belgium for him to send me up to my old room. Technically, that was not my room anymore and I had no rights to it. I was just a disposable object to him. He took me and everything I was doing for him for granted. Like a spoilt, little toddler. To him, nothing was his fault. It was both Claude’s and my faults. He did not feel bad about deciding not to come and the situation he had subsequently put me in. Yet, when I said that I did not want to go to Spain in the first place, he yelled at me and said how selfish I was. I cannot get over his double standards. Absolutely sick.

After the Easter break had finished, it was time for me to go back to Spain. Kevin had said that he would drive me to Luxembourg train station so that I could take a bus to Frankfurt Main Airport, which was where I was catching my flight from. However, on the morning of my flight, he decided to just take me to Arlon train station instead, so I had to catch a train to Luxembourg train station. This is one of many examples of when the words that came out of his mouth did not match his actions. He said that he had to teach that morning but this was long before he had to start teaching and Luxembourg train station was only an extra twenty minutes away (Arlon was ten minutes from Thiaumont.)

This resulted in costing me dearly as the train I took from Arlon to Luxembourg (which was the first train of the day) had to stop halfway due to track work in Luxembourg so everyone had to transfer to a bus. The bus took twenty minutes to arrive and another twenty minutes to get to Luxembourg train station. By the time I had arrived at Luxembourg train station, I had missed the bus to Frankfurt Main Airport. All other buses and trains to Frankfurt Main Airport that day would have made me miss my flight. The only other option I had was to go to Luxembourg Airport and catch a flight from there – but that was more expensive which was why I did not choose Luxembourg Airport in the first place.

Nevertheless, I took a bus to Luxembourg Airport and enquired about a ticket. The ticket to Barcelona was €340. I had no choice but to buy the ticket as I had to get back to work the next day.

Although the train delay was not Kevin’s fault, this was one of many examples of him not keeping his word. He said that he was going to take me directly to Luxembourg train station which was not so far away and he was able to do so timewise. He was extremely lazy and he did not care. When I told him about what had happened, he just did not care. I know that if the tables were turned, he would have had an extreme reaction to the situation and have projected his dissatisfaction onto me. He did not even feel bad about not taking me to Luxembourg train station like he said he would, and then have me end up in that unpleasant situation. I know I would have felt bad if it were me not keeping my word.

I tried to make a claim with the train company but I only got back €30. This was just another of many occasions where I lost more money because of him.

Even when I arrived in Belgium, Kevin was so inhospitable. For two days I was starving because there was no food for me and I wasn’t able to drive to the supermarket and nor did he make the time to take me to the supermarket. Instead, during lunch and dinner times, he would go to the canteen and eat the school prepared meals whilst I sat in his room with nothing to eat. I know if it were the other way round, no matter who I was expecting, I would always make sure that my visitor was comfortable, made to feel at home, and absolutely not starving. He never thought of anyone but himself. Bryony, one of secretaries, was nice enough to offer me some food on one of those days.

My mother has always told my brother that a true man always sticks to his words. Kevin was not a man. He was a spoilt, little boy who could only be treated like one. And even that is too nice of a description. Boys take more responsibility than he ever did. He was a sick, little man.

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