32. Fake Care

The care Kevin showed was so obviously fake. He never showed me care. And if he did, it was always for his benefit, such as whenever I was sick, he would take me to my room just so that he could go back to his room to do the secrets he was doing on the computer (Chapter 47). The care he showed others was nothing more than for his own benefit too. He only cared about his own false self-image.

One time, when I came down to his room, as soon as he had opened his door to let me in, all I saw was a sad face with tears in his eyes. I asked him what was wrong and he said that his niece had given birth to his great-niece. It was actually tears of joy! It was so hard to tell. He was a terrible actor. But the strangest thing was that his tears did not look like tears. It seriously looked like that when I had knocked on his door, he went to the sink to put water in his eyes then opened the door with a very unnatural sad face on. It really was quite disgusting to see. Then five minutes later, his eyes were glued to the computer screen again. All the acting had completely stopped. It was like he had forgotten his niece had even given birth. What further convinces me that it was all fake were his actions. As I had said, his words never matched his actions. The next time he went to France, he said he was going to visit his niece to see his great-niece. However, that never happened. He said that when he went to her house, she wasn’t there. He said that he had told her that he was coming and she said that she would be there but she then decided to go out without letting him know. Either his niece is just like Kevin with words, or Kevin completely fabricated this story to pretend he was interested in seeing his great-niece but really couldn’t care less about anything or anyone but himself, or perhaps his niece did not want to see him as she knew exactly the type of creature Kevin is. The way Kevin spoke about his niece was also very strange. He said that he and his niece used to be very close but then his niece changed and has not been very close to him. If his niece ever saw the side of him that I had seen, I can understand why she would be keeping her distance from him. But of course, Kevin had to blame his niece. Nothing was ever his fault.

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