34. Always At The Defence Of Others

No matter how far Kevin went, he was always at the defence of others. Not that he cared about them because he did not. He cared only about his reputation and he knew that by always being at the rescue of others, he could win their trust and the label of ‘Prince Charming’. I was the only person he would not come to the defence of. Instead, I would be the one he blamed. On the other hand, if I ever dared to not defend him, he would have no doubt raged at me, accused me of being a bad girlfriend and told me how other people thought that I was a bad girlfriend too because I did not defend him like a good girlfriend would do.

When Maxim and I were “flirting”, I was the one yelled at, whereas when Maxim was talking to Tamsin (another teacher in which she herself was happily chatting back to him), Kevin was watching them from his window the entire time to “protect” her.

The topic of defence is outlined in many of the incidents detailed in this journal.

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