40. Incident #13: Lying About Not Having Money To Pay For Parking

When I left Belgium for the final time for Singapore, Kevin took me to Luxembourg train station. However, he said he had no money for petrol or parking because his card was blocked and that I would have to pay for it. I paid for the petrol. When we got to Luxembourg train station, we saw that parking was €2 and he said he did not have €2 so I was going to give him some money for the parking. After I got on the bus at the train station, and as the bus was leaving, Kevin pointed to his pockets indicating that I had forgotten to give him the money. I started to panic because I did not want him to be stuck at the train station. Then he managed to pull out €2 from his pocket. He had €2 all along! I find that absolutely sick. If it were a one-time incident, I would have forgotten about it. But with Kevin, there were just too many issues about him to let go of. Some were major and some were minor but there were just too many of them. A normal person would not ask someone for money without checking if they had the money in the first place. It was just €2 but even so, he had to steal for only €2. I’m certain he knew he had money. I’m certain he could have paid for the petrol if he had wanted to. He would do whatever he could to scavenge every cent off me. He had no shame.

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