42. People Communicated To Me Through Him

Nobody from the school ever spoke to me or passed information on to me directly; it was always through Kevin. When William was planning a school trip to England, he selected me to go on the trip with him. However, Kevin found out about this before I did. It felt like William was asking Kevin for his permission to allow me to go. Kevin also told me that William was asking him whether I was going to ask William if I could come back to Belgium to work for the summer. Why couldn’t William have asked me directly? And when the secretaries had information to pass on to me, it was always though Kevin. I always asked Kevin why these people did not tell me these things directly; why it always had to go through him first. Kevin does not own me. He is not my boss. He was just another teacher. Another colleague. In a professional setting, each person is an individual employee and all communication should go to those directly involved regardless of the type of relationship between the different members of staff. Perhaps Kevin had found a way to condition everyone to go through him if they ever had anything to pass on to me. I reckon that some of the things Kevin told me that others had told him regarding me may not have even been true and were all a part of his gaslighting and triangulation as he would say that people were complaining to him about some of the things I had said or the way I had treated him. He would have only said that to control, isolate and silence me.

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