46. LinkedIn Men

On several occasions, Kevin told me that men who claimed to know me were contacting him on LinkedIn. When I asked him to name them, he would say, “I can’t remember”. I was curious and concerned because if he was saying that men who claimed to know me were contacting him, then I would want to know who they were and what the purpose was. It was strange because whenever it happened, he would never tell me immediately. He would either say it happened a few days ago or a few weeks ago whereas in a real situation, he should bring something like this to my attention immediately. Whenever I asked him to show me these messages, he would sometimes say, “I’ll show you later” or “I’ll try to find these messages” or “I deleted them”. I don’t believe that there ever was a group of men that contacted Kevin claiming to know me. It was such a bizarre scenario. He had no evidence and he couldn’t even remember their names. I don’t know what game he was trying to play but it was an absolutely sick and twisted game.

Kevin even told me that an ex-boyfriend of mine, Dan (who is fortunately a perfectly normal person), was regularly viewing his LinkedIn profile. Firstly, how would Dan know of Kevin? Secondly, Dan was not even viewing my profile, so why would he be viewing Kevin’s? Thirdly, how did Kevin know about Dan? I actually asked Kevin how he knew Dan’s name. Kevin said that I had told him but I never did. I know that for sure. I made sure that I never mentioned Dan’s name to Kevin. I personally don’t feel it is necessary to reveal too much about past relationships and so I don’t usually reveal the names of past boyfriends. It is still a mystery as to how Kevin knew about Dan. I believe Kevin did some snooping to find out and then said that I had told him, which is more gaslighting.

I also asked Kevin how Dan would know of him if Dan was viewing his profile. He said, “I don’t know. He must’ve found us through Facebook”. He was using the same reason from the day when he was searching his ex-girlfriend on Facebook using our joint mölkky account (Chapter 12). The account name was Novalike Mölkky and it did not reveal either of our full names. It was a bullshit reason. However, he tried to use the same pathetic reason to explain how Dan had discovered who he was. Dan would not have discovered the Novalike Mölkky Facebook account because the name of the account was Novalike Mölkky, neither of our full names were on the page, and I was not even friends with Novalike Mölkky on my personal Facebook page so nobody could have known about it. Kevin did some digging into Dan and invented the whole story I believe.

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