48. Incident #14: Phone In The Bathroom

There was one occasion when I was in the bathroom and Kevin had accidentally left his phone in the bathroom. All of a sudden, he came desperately banging on the bathroom door saying,

“Hurry up! I really need the toilet! I’m really urgent!”

He had only just come out of the bathroom (which was why his phone was in the bathroom) and then all of a sudden he was desperate to go back. There was no sense in this whatsoever. This was the only time he had ever left his phone in the bathroom and the only time he had ever behaved in such a way.

I did open the cover of his phone to see his notifications, as I sensed he was hiding things from me, and I saw that he had a message from a pretty, young woman called Olivia. I did not know anything about her and I did not read his messages. When I left the bathroom, I asked him who Olivia was. He tried to act casual and responded that she was just a friend from Poland. He had mentioned this woman a few times saying that whenever he went to Poland to see the dentist, he would stay with her. A few weeks back, because his room was always a mess and his floor was always covered in stuff, I saw some photographs of him and another girl scattered across the floor. I asked who she was and he said that she was his Polish friend called Olivia. He even said that he wanted me to meet her one day – but his words had always been intentionless. He probably said it to stop me questioning anything else. I said that they looked like they were more than just friends in the photos, then he got defensive and said that she’s just a female friend just like I have male friends. The irony was that he hated that I had male friends and he always accused me of sleeping with them. I was not upset about the actual photos, I was upset at the double standards and that he was probably lying. In hindsight, I actually think he deliberately placed those photos on the floor as they had never been there before. Perhaps he wanted to make me jealous.

Other than that, he never really mentioned any of his friends. However, he had always said that he spoke of his friends but I was never paying attention to him so that was why I never remembered them. He was gaslighting me again. Then he would accuse me of never talking about my friends when I did. He just hated listening to me talk about my friends.

I don’t know what the real relationship between him and Olivia was, but considering the context of his narcissism, too many questions arise to ignore and I believe he was hiding many things.

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