50. Incident #16: Lying About Chatting To Someone On WhatsApp

By this time, I had already gathered that there was something seriously wrong with Kevin and that he was hiding things. I just had no tangible evidence. One day, we were in the canteen and he was sitting at the table on his phone. I was standing a few metres away. He was laughing at something whilst he was on his phone and since he was always turning his phone away from me when I was around, I decided to go on WhatsApp to see if he was online, which he was. So I asked him what was funny, and he just said that he was reading a funny news article. He was lying as I saw that he was on WhatsApp. If he had nothing to hide, he would have just said that he was talking to a friend on WhatsApp.

When I told him that I did not believe that he was reading the news because he was online on WhatsApp, he then started to get defensive and insisted that he was not on WhatsApp and that he was reading the news. He came up with more bullshit lies saying that whenever he opens his phone, WhatsApp always automatically opens up. It was an insult to my intelligence.

He told me how controlling and oppressive I was. The truth is, I did feel controlling and oppressive and I did not like that, but I knew that there was something not quite right. Especially as he was always accusing me of being secretive when in fact he was the secretive one. He was projecting everything he was doing onto me.

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