52. Incident #17: Christmas E-Card

Over Christmas of 2015, Kevin sent me an e-card which was one of those customisable e-cards. On it, Father Christmas speaks to the recipient and reviews the recipient’s year to see whether he or she has been naughty or nice. Whatever the sender inputs whilst making the card, Father Christmas speaks it out.

On the e-card Kevin sent me, Father Christmas said that I needed to control that temper of mine. When I saw it, I did not know how to react. I was really shocked. The act of sending an e-card is supposed to be nice so how could I be mad at him? Yet he was taking advantage of the situation to twist the problem onto me. I felt really sick to the stomach when I saw the e-card. Whenever I got angry, it was in retaliation to HIS temper.

I did not say anything about my feelings towards the e-card to Kevin, I just thanked him. I was at my mother’s over Christmas when I got the e-card and I opened it on Skype with Kevin as he reminded me about it. (I initially thought it was a spam message when I received it in my inbox.) He saw that I was shocked and that I did not know what to say. I remember the smug look on his face as I was looking at the e-card. It makes me so angry and so sick to the stomach. He really was evil. Truly evil. I know that if I had confronted him about it, he would have accused me of being unappreciative, always wanting to start arguments and always blaming others. He would have used it as “evidence” for my so-called temper. So I did not bother confronting him. This was a very sly and sick tactic he used to make me accept that I was the problem.

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