54. Incident #18: Hair-Dryer

Kevin and Michelle were teaching the Maternelle class together when one of the children had an accident and urinated in his clothes. Kevin went to his room to get his hair-dryer but his hair-dryer had a UK plug so he asked me if I had an adaptor which he could use for his hair-dryer, which I did, so I lent him my adaptor. After Maternelle had finished, I went to look for him for my adaptor but I couldn’t find him so I went to the Maternelle room to look for it. I searched for a while until I discovered it left on top of a dusty cupboard. The top of the cupboard was quite high up. Later that day when I saw Kevin, I politely asked him to next time return things that he had borrowed from me. Immediately, he started raising his voice and becoming defensive saying that I was always blaming him for everything and that he did not do anything wrong and that it was Michelle’s fault because she used it. He kept saying how I just love picking on him and that I was always attacking him. He asked me why I did not confront Michelle about it. Firstly, Michelle was not the one who asked me for my adaptor. Secondly, I only politely asked Kevin to next time return the things he borrows from me after use, yet for some reason, he became so defensive about it. All I expected was something like, “Sorry, I forgot about it”, but instead his natural instinct was to deflect blame. This was not even something all that bad. It would have been easier to just apologise and move on. But he just could not accept any blame, no matter how small the issue was. Instead, he twisted it around and projected it back onto me. I was doing him a favour yet I never received a sorry, nor even a thank you. Just blame for something that was his fault. Typical of narcissistic personalities. He showed absolutely no gratitude. He was nothing more than an entitled, spoilt, little brat.

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