59. One-Way Conversations

Conversations were essentially non-existent. Kevin was never interesting in listening to me. He was only interested in talking about himself. Everything was all about him. I even told him that and he did not take it well. Obviously, he refused to accept it. He would get angry and accuse me of insulting him and wanting to start a fight, when that was not the case. All I was trying to do was describe his character to him, hoping he could perhaps reflect on himself. Now I realise that narcissists never reflect on themselves. They don’t believe they can be anything but right. Hypocritically, it appeared to be perfectly ok for him to project his behaviour onto me and blame me for his behaviour whereas it was not okay for me to outright describe his own character back to him. It was constant hypocrisy and double standards. Conversations continually went around in circles, going nowhere. It was impossible to have any form of rational conversation with him.

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