63. Incident #19: The Story Of The Two Birds

During one of the few times when we were actually having a face to face conversation on Skype while I was in Spain, Kevin told me about something that happened during the day. He started off by saying,

“You would not believe what happened to ME today!”

He explained to me that there were two birds flying together peacefully until one flew into the window of the canteen, dropped dead then was snatched by a cat. The other bird was then snatched in mid-air by a hawk. I found that to be such a strange story as it was unheard of in the school. Especially the part where a cat came out to snatch the bird. I have seen cats around the school, but never sneaking around preying on birds. Nevertheless, it’s plausible. However, he was telling me what had happened to him so I was still waiting for the part of the story where he explains what happened to him. So I responded,

“And what happened to YOU?”

That actually silenced him! He did not know what to say except that that was it. I was a little bit worried that he was going to get angry, but I actually managed to stump him. That was one of the only few times we had a “proper” conversation on Skype – of course, because it was about him (or so he thought). Whenever I wanted to talk about what happened in my day, he would switched of. And after his story of the birds, that was exactly what he did. He went back to reading the news online and not listening to my part of the dialogue of the “conversation”. He cared about nothing and no one but himself.

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