64. Incident #20: His Car Accident

In May 2016, Kevin had to go to France to settle some court case over the issue of his father’s house. This was another one of his many issues with his family that he was never clear on. Apparently, the government had taken back his father’s house and was trying to sell it. Kevin said that the house had got nothing to do with his family anymore yet he still had to go to court to settle it. And even if his circumstances were true, I don’t understand why he had to go to France. He lives in Belgium and has got nothing to do with the house. His other family members could deal with it in France. Perhaps Kevin had financial incentives to do so. It’s not a big deal, but considering the context that he was a lazy, pathological liar, it makes me question.

Anyway, while he was in France, he crashed his car. However, I found his reaction to his car crash very strange. It seemed like he was bragging about crashing his car, but in a way that put him in the poor victim position. For the next two to three weeks after his car crash, he did not stop talking about it and was showing every single person the state of his car. His car was dented, but he was really emphasising the terrible state of his car – not in a concerned way, but in a way that he seemed almost proud of it (even though he pretended he was not) because he could use it to garner attention. He even took his student, Michael, out of class to look at the car. He would report to me on Skype every day how everyone was saying it was a really bad crash and sympathising with him. I don’t know to what degree this was true, but I believe he was exaggerating. Narcissists love to use whatever they can to get attention. They are attention-seeking, spoilt, little toddlers. He sent me a picture of the damage, which did not look that bad from the photo, but assured me that it was worse. Only would a narcissist pray for the worst. That’s how far they would go to get attention.

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