69. My Bedsheets

After I left Kevin for the final time, I asked him to send me my bedsheets that I had bought in Spain as I could not fit them into my boxes. When he said that he had sent them, I asked him if he could send me the receipt but he kept either changing the topic or getting angry at me saying that he would send the receipt later that day but he never did. When I asked him during his lunch break to send me the receipt, he said he was busy. I said that it was his lunch break, and he said, “I’ve got better things to do in my lunch break”. It got quite ugly. I began sending him really angry text messages to which he would send cruel, patronising, intimidating replies. He was just playing with me. He wanted to get a negative reaction out of me. He was supplying his ego. To this day, I still have not received my bedsheets nor the receipt. I know he hadn’t sent me my bedsheets. After everything I had done for him, he couldn’t even do something as simple as sending me my bedsheets. The bedsheets are not important to me, but it was his lack of principle and honesty that bothered me. And on top of that, the bedsheets were not his.

However, when he asked me to send him a copy of the computer bill (when he “borrowed” my money to buy a new computer), I did so immediately without any delay. He said he needed it because the computer had stopped working and he needed to sort out the warranty. I didn’t give it a second thought when I sent him the bill but now when I think back, I don’t believe the computer was not working because if it wasn’t, he would have panicked. Also, the bill is not needed for the warranty. Perhaps he was trying to tamper the bill and put it in his name. Nevertheless, I have the original bill from the original sender which shows that the laptop was bought in my name.

He steals, he lies, he cheats. He uses people. He couldn’t give a shit about anybody else’s well-being but his own. I should have known that. Kevin had no idea what honesty and principles are. A completely immoral character. As soon as I saw completely what was under his mask, he could see that he was unable to fool me anymore. That was when his true ugliness showed. And he really is an ugly, disgusting monster underneath that mask.

The irony was that he was always complaining that his brother was unreliable as he could never send him his post when in fact it was Kevin who was the completely unreliable and completely hopeless one. He just projected his faults onto other people. He was the one that could not get off his arse to go to the post office to send me my belongings because he got no benefit out of it. Lazy, selfish and unreliable.

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