74. Compulsive And Impulsive

Kevin was a very compulsive and impulsive person. He was a compulsive and impulsive buyer, which he even admitted to when I first met him. When we had our joint Facebook account for our mölkky team, he was always on Facebook all the time. He could not use it in moderation. Hypocritically, he would brag about not having Facebook when in fact he was always on Facebook but he did not think it counted because it was not his personal Facebook account. He was also always entirely on the computer when he was not working. He could not do anything in moderation. When I told him about this excessive use of Facebook and the computer in general, it would go over his head as if he did not hear me. He had selective hearing. He would only hear what he wanted to hear but then instead accuse me of having selective hearing. He would project everything he was doing on to me just to take responsibility off his shoulders.

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