75. Trying To Make Me Jealous

Part of Kevin’s triangulation tactic was to try to make me jealous. I believe he was trying to make me jealous so as to make his own behaviour excusable. He succeeded. He did not get jealousy out of me but he managed to get a negative reaction out of me, enough to make me come across as jealous. He would do that by engaging in long conversations with other women in front of me, talking about other girls and constantly talking about his ex-girlfriends. He got a negative reaction out of me because I knew that if it were me talking to other men, talking about other men, or constantly talking about my past boyfriends, he would be and has been furious. I was angry at the double standards, not jealous.

When I talked to other men, such as Maxim (Chapter 10), he would watch me like a hawk and then rage at me behind closed doors. Whenever I mentioned good qualities about other men, he would get so jealous, insecure and upset. As for speaking about my past boyfriends, I rarely did as I see no point in bringing up exes when I am in a relationship. I prefer to focus on what I have rather than what I had.

He also said that his ex-girlfriends were stalking him on LinkedIn. I don’t know if it was true or not, but I don’t understand why he would say that. Perhaps to get attention, jealousy and probably a negative reaction from me.

I reckon that not only did he try to make me jealous by constantly talking about his past girlfriends, but he was also using them with me to warn me about how not to behave. He would talk about how his ex-girlfriends were either crazy or how they had hurt him so much, and in a way, he was using them to warn me about how not to treat him, as well as to phish for sympathy.

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