8. Decibelle

Kevin’s cat, Decibelle, often got the same treatment as me. Not as bad, however, as she didn’t answer back like I did. She would have been the perfect wife as he would bark at her and she would remain silent. It was also quite sick how he called Decibelle and me his two wives. I didn’t think much about it but now when I look back and put it into the context of the type of person he is, it really is quite sick.

Decibelle had a urinary problem and so she would sometimes urinate in the bathtub, on the bath mat or on the bed. When she did, she would get yelled at just as bad as I was yelled at. A couple of times, I would be upstairs and I could hear him bark at her from downstairs. Every time she got yelled at, she would hide under the bed for hours at a time. She was truly afraid and upset. No matter what Decibelle did, she was just an innocent, little cat and did not deserve to be yelled at the way he yelled at her. A normal person could never have the heart to be so cruel to a sweet, little cat as Decibelle.

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