9. His Rage In General

Kevin’s shouting was cruel as hell. Not only would he bark at me, he would patronise me, imitate me, and interrupt and talk over me. I once stood up to him and said, “Do not talk to me like that”. His response was, “I will talk to you how I like”. No! He is not entitled to talk to me how he likes. Nobody has any right to talk to anyone with such disrespect. This just showed how much of an object he saw me as and how entitled he felt of himself to think he could treat me however he liked. Such typical misogynistic views of a narcissist who lives in his own world of entitlement believing that he is God. Narcissists have their own delusional sense of reality.

Whenever he made me cry, he showed no empathy. He showed no care. He would be extremely patronising and say,

“Awww, poor thing. Why don’t you run back to your mummy.”

He could be so cold. He showed completely no empathy and absolutely no remorse. Whenever I confronted him about his actions and how they made me feel, he would laugh at whatever I had to say. It’s so hard to imagine how such sick, emotionless people can exist. These people are disordered. They are physically incapable of having emotions.

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