87. Future Faking: No Intention Of Moving To Spain, Germany Nor Singapore

Now when I think back, I don’t think Kevin ever had any intention to move to Spain, Germany nor Singapore. The more I understand about the sick type of person he was, the more I realise that his main goal was to screw around with my life, screw around with my money and destroy me, just so that he could feel good about himself. He kept telling me how we could leave Belgium and build a life together. This was all future faking. He had absolutely no intention. The school in Belgium was too comfortable for him as it was in an isolated location, he had established himself as the pillar of the community and convinced everyone to show sympathy to his “kind and wounded” soul, and he did not have to pay rent nor bills. He could not survive in the “real world”. If one day he ever has to leave his job, I cannot imagine him surviving in the real world. Nobody will accept his behaviour. Nobody will accept his sorry excuses for his money troubles. Nobody will give him special treatment. Nobody will accept his belief of his self-entitlement. His bank and his insurance company had already refused to accept his behaviour.

Regardless of whether the school in Spain would have offered him a full-time or part-time job, I’m certain that he would not have moved anyway. He had already prepared excuses about his financial situation and how he would not have been able to move because he had social security from years ago that he needed to pay off.

When I had made myself clear about the fact that I was not going to move to Jena for him after the experience with Spain, he seemed to have all of a sudden lost interest in Jena (Chapter 85). I believe he realised that he would not have been able to convince me anymore and he gave up on that idea to further destroy my life.

As for Singapore, even though he said he wanted to move to Singapore and work in Singapore, he did not apply for any jobs. Just before I left for Singapore, he said that he “trusted me” to help him with his move to Singapore. He also mentioned that he did not want me to think that he was leaving me to do all the work, which was his way of denying the fact that he was too bloody lazy to do any work. He did say that he saw a job advertised for a French language school in Singapore and that he had applied for it, but I don’t believe he applied for anything. I sent him lots of links to jobs that he could have applied for but he always put it off for “later”. He was expecting me to do all the work to the extent that he was expecting me to apply for jobs for him and probably even sit the interview for him. He was fucking lazy and fucking hopeless. I seriously don’t believe he had any intention to move, just like he never had any intention to move to Spain nor Germany. Thiaumont was too comfortable for him.

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