89. His Ex-Girlfriends

Kevin often brought up his ex-girlfriends in conversations, which I have previously explained in this journal. I believe he did this to try to make me jealous so as to make his own behaviour excusable. I also believe he did this to warn me about how not to behave. He would talk about how his ex-girlfriends were either crazy or how they had hurt him so much, and in a way, he was using them to warn me about how not to treat him, as well as to phish for sympathy.

What I have further learnt about people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder is that narcissists will always speak ill of their past partners and label them as crazy. This was another huge red flag at the beginning of the relationship. He had told me that the girl he was with before me was crazy and mentally unstable. And again using triangulation, he said that everyone else that knew her had said the same thing about her. However, just like everything else in this relationship, I did not hear anything from anyone, but him. And I am certain that he will say the exact same thing about me to the next unfortunate girl he will trick into a “relationship”.

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