95. The Jezebel Spirit

Every time I think about Kevin, I see and I feel a very dark, evil entity and energy. It never felt like I was interacting with a human. It felt like I had come into contact with the devil. In my research on Narcissistic Personality Disorder, I stumbled upon the Jezebel spirit, which to my shock, possesses the completely exact same traits as someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. 100%! This got me thinking spiritually because like I said, it did not feel like I was interacting with a human, but instead something dark and evil. Could Narcissistic Personality Disorder be in fact a dark entity? Which came first: the Jezebel spirit or narcissism? Did religion call people with the disorder Jezebel because they couldn’t quite explain what was going on? Or is science explaining the Jezebel spirit as a personality disorder as a way of finding a scientific explanation about these unhuman characteristics?

There was also something about Kevin’s physical appearance. I did not find him good looking. But there was something about his physical appearance that attracted me to him and I find it very difficult to explain. He had a different look. He had long, dark eyelashes and dark hair against a pale, white face, like a dark clown. I guess it was that different look that attracted me to him at the beginning, but there was also something quite familiar about his appearance which I cannot quite put my finger on.

Kevin was also a fake Christian and had a special interest in the supernatural and claimed that his father’s house in France was haunted. Could there perhaps be a link?

Another strange thing is that Kevin named his cat Decibelle… which sounds very similar to Jezebel. Perhaps Jezebel named his cat after himself. How narcissistic.

Kevin was not human. Nothing about him felt human. Not his values. Not his compassion. He was a dark, evil creature.

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