1. Background

The narcissist in question goes by the name of Kevin Prandini. All other names in this journal have been changed to protect their privacy.

I met Kevin in a small village of three hundred inhabitants called Thiaumont in Belgium in February 2015 when I got a job as an English teacher at a language school. I was 26 and he was 34, from France. This was my first English teaching job since obtaining my Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate. I had already been doing some travelling and was keen to take this opportunity to do some further travelling in the region.

When I arrived at the school, he had already been teaching English and French there for five years. The living situation at the school was quite unusual as all the teachers were both living and working together in the same place. This made separating professional life from personal life quite difficult. However, the bright side was that there were no rent nor bills to pay, and being young and wanting to see the world, I wasn’t too fussed. The school had a total of six houses. The rooms on the ground level were used for teaching, whilst the upper level rooms were to accommodate teachers, as well as boarders during the holiday periods. From the moment of my arrival, however, I was put into the same house as Kevin. It was just the two of us living there for the first few months. I was upstairs and he was downstairs. And this was how the nightmare started and continued for the next painful and destructive year and a half, up until July 2016.

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