60. Ordering Me Around Like A Slave

Sometimes the way he spoke came across as if he was ordering me around like his maid. It was exceptionally low, misogynistic and condescending. He did this sometimes when he was too lazy to do anything himself.

The most vivid incident of him ordering me around was just before he went to France in April 2015. He was giving me instructions on how to look after Decibelle whilst he was gone. However, the way he explained them to me really shocked me as if he was ordering me to do something like a slave. He sat on his chair while I sat on the bed and he said whilst pointing,

“You will take her food from her food cage then you will give her food every morning. You will clean her litter when it gets too full. You will give her snacks.”

I felt shocked and confused, and I didn’t know how to react. I felt like I was being ordered around like a slave. Every sentence began with “You will”. The tone he said it in was very condescending and he was pointing to the objects at the same time. Then he said, “Now”. He was referring to his last order which I had not realised that he was ordering me to give her snacks now. But I followed his orders because first, I did not know how to react to such condescension and second, I did not want to trigger any arguments with him. I know that if I had told him about the way he was coming across, he would have again got angry and accused me of wanting to start an argument. A person should never talk to anyone in such a demeaning and condescending way.

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